Build up Edit

Over the twenty fifties the flimsy economy deteriorated oil reserves used up their last drops. The middle east was shaken by another civil war as Syria Iraq slips out of their grasp. The African republic's population as shattered by a virus in the highly populated north, however the worst disaster is the 2 year long famine in china which started in 2057 ,in which nearly 150 million people starved to death lowering china population by 8% to 2.2 billion after the horror of this famine passed the Chinese government took drastic action desperate for food and resources the Chinese military started to rise with conscription at 1/10 citizens they built tanks out of scrapped metal from museums, scrapped cars,shut down electronic stores to make robots and abandoned buildings and even pulled down a statue to harvest the metals plating it.

In the USA the peace is faltering citizens call out for more resources and the Mexican revolutionaries start to stir again and terrorist attacks become more frequent however the quality of life of an american, European, East Asian and Indian rise exponentially due to them foreseeing the oncoming recourse disaster of the early 2040's by building a large amount of renewable power plants and growing a vast amount of GM plants and farm yard animals, successfully promoting a healthy national diet decreasing the obesity rate in the USA from 41.34% (the rate in 2020) to 8.97% (the rate in 2050). This success in India, America, Europe and East Asia made china jealous this was amplified by their anger after the great famine.

As the anger and jealously in china started to snow ball the three flimsy alliances started to strengthen these three alliances: DAOS (Democratic Alliance of Organized States) , PDS (protectorate of Developing States) and the Chinese alliance with military drills joint training and reorganizing their armies to work well together and by late 2062 the world was on the brink of war.

Early War Edit