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WIP book about a future destroyed in the wildfires of WW3 i use this wikia as an information dump.


In the next fifty years the world changes drastically nations fall and rise, unions form , life changes for the better and worse as robots are developed and used domestically however this peace is running short there had been wars in the fifty years of prosperity though they were small nothing like the two world wars more than a century ago however tension reached a boiling point by the year 2063 china the now crippled nation with a starving population of 2 billion lash out at the tow other alliances formed over the years (DOAS and PNS). china's alliance finishes mobilizing by February one month after war is declared. (Which is fast for the time)and a brutal war ensues over the next eight years in which 10% of the worlds population die by the hands of war war and by November of 2063 4 Billion people perish in atomic wildfire.

    In the next 300 years new nations form and another war risks the destruction of everything everyone had built.

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